About Us

Electric Imprint is a (tiny) specialist publisher, set up to bring the arts to the iPad - or to make the iPad easy for artists. 

There is a storm of debate about e-books and the written word, but we're interested in a different angle. We are excited about the unique ability of e-books and specifically iBooks on the iPad to be intensely visual. 

Blogs, websites and iBooks

Blogs are great for their immediacy and ease of update. Websites are essential, representing you and your practice in the online community. Why would you want a book?

We believe there will always be books. They may no longer be physical objects, but a book is conceived as a whole. Unlike a website, it won't change over time (until the next edition…) and it's often something the user will want to keep and return to, for pleasure or for reference. Also unlike a website, most books have an intended sequence. They are linear, not a web. So books offer an opportunity for the artist designer to create an experience for the reader and viewer, while the internet has changed distribution and publishing for ever.

Visual books

The cost of producing a beautiful printed book has always been a huge obstacle for artists and galleries, and distribution is difficult if a book is produced. Tablets such as the iPad made colour illustration possible, but mainstream e-readers have gone down the route of quickly-downloadable text with very limited graphics. Only iPads offer a multimedia format that opens massive opportunities for visual books, as well as a marketplace for distribution. The display quality of an iPad is far higher than most four-colour litho printing, and the cost has come crashing down. But there are still obstacles, and we want to help artists to get around them. 

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