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Electric Imprint exists to do wonderful things with Apple's iBooks format for the iPad. iBooks can do so much more than just text: beautiful colour, movies and sound, interactive and fullscreen pictures, picture galleries and more.

You can even include a Keynote presentation (similar to PowerPoint) if you want to. And unlike other e-book systems, with an iBook you can be sure the reader will see things exactly as you intended.

Multi-touch iBooks are not at all the same as 'flipping' e-books. A 'flipping' book has a nice simulation of turning the page, but that's all - no truly inbuilt movies or sound, no picture galleries or interactivity. (Some companies appear to offer multimedia pdf books, but they depend on the media files being hosted by the service provider. The annual fees for this can be quite large and there is no guarantee the files will always be there.)

So this makes iBooks brilliant for the visual and performing arts. From small projects that are published alongside an exhibition or event to major publications, an Electric Imprint iBook goes far beyond what you can do with .pdf, .mobi or .epub and costs far less than conventional printing. And when it comes to distribution, Electric Imprint is set up to sell through every iTunes Store worldwide. 

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To See a Different World - Anna Cady

(Note: iBook, iPad, iTunes and Keynote are trade marks of Apple Inc. Electric Imprint is a contracted supplier to the Apple iTunes Store, which includes the iBookstore. Apple does not specifically endorse any publishing service.)

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