To See a Different World

In his Afterword, Peter Middleton writes "We travel to see a different world and to take back images to aid memory… Anna Cady's pinhole camera expedition reinvents the overseas visitor's eye."

Using self-designed and self-made cameras that make direct exposure on large sheets of paper (1.5 x 0.5 metres) was never going to be simple. Anna Cady chose this difficult technique "to see if I could I take a picture which when transported home still gave that sense of 'being there', which the digital tourist photo seldom can."

Although her interactive e-book incorporates material first published as an artists book by the Winchester Gallery, University of Southampton under the title Burnt On, this is a new book that draws on past work to give a clearer insight into the Indian pinhole project and the artist's interest in pinhole technology.

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ISBN 978 0 9574243 0 2

To See a Different World - Anna Cady

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